Touring NYC – food & drinks edition

It all started as a girl’s day outΒ  to go through and check-off our list of must see things in the city. What it turned into was us jumping from one eating place to another, and just seeing whatever we saw along the way…but focusing mainly on the next meal πŸ™‚


First stop for brunch was Buvette in the West Village, and it was AMAZING! The place is so cute and cozy on a quiet street, and the food was filling but not over-the-top.



We made a quick stop at Whynot Coffee & Wine for some morning Riesling, and then headed out because it was cupcake time! But then again, when is it not cupcake time, amiright? πŸ™‚

I lied, we didn’t quite plan for cupcakes, but fate had other plans for us. In our defense, we actually stumbled upon Molly’s Cupcakes while attempting to go a good 20 minutes without stopping at a food place. And then there she was, bright yellow and everything! To say that they cupcakes were good would be an understatement…I actually went back twice over a span of 2 days, so yeah…it was really, really good! I ordered the chocolate decadence, and the peanut butter nutella (both hit the spot and were rich beyond belief!). I also got a chance to steal a bite of the creme brulee, the birthday cake, and a vanilla with burnt butter frosting.



Also, it doesn’t hurt that you’ve got Ryan Gosling telling you to eat more cupcake. Ryan Gosling really gets me πŸ™‚


We finished the evening with some pre-dinner mojitos at Cuba Restaurant, also in the West Village. Hands down, the tastiest mojitos I’ve had in a long time. Between us, we tried the passion fruit mojito, coconut mojito, and frozen mojito. Passion fruit is one of my favorites, so that I loved even before I tried it. I wasn’t so sure about the coconut mojito, but the bartender said it was his favorite, so I gave it a go and it was unexpectedly good!

We finished off the night with a light dinner at Aria Wine bar. Great tapas (especially the burrata, and eggplant), and great ambiance with dim lighting. It does get really crowded, so getting there early definitely helped us get a seat without too much of a wait.

Obviously our day around the city stayed focused in the West Village, but I still feel like there was SO much I missed! Until next time NY πŸ™‚

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