Indecisions and the veto power

You would think being in law school would teach you to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. While that may be true, it doesn’t quite translate into making shopping decisions.

Case in point, my recent shopping adventure to buy a watch, a.k.a “Indecision 2014.”

It didn’t matter that I had spent months narrowing and selecting the exact watch I wanted…all it took was one comment from the shopkeeper and my dad saying that the MK oversized runway looked better. As someone who wasn’t 100% sure she could carry off a larger boyfriend-style watch to begin with, that comment brought out my inner crazy. I’m talking about spending-every-free-minute-comparing and looking-at-photos-from-every-angle kind of crazy.Β  I even woke up two nights in a row worrying about making the wrong choice.Β  I had lost my mind over a watch. In my defense though, $250 wasn’t something to take lightly.

I decided to make one trip, armed with my panel of experts (my sis and hubby on speed dial) and decided that whatever the majority knows best. Unfortunately there’s never a majority when the style preferences seemed to follow the gender!

Regular Watch
MK Runway


MK Oversized Runway

Then my sister said:

“Dad’s opinion gets .5 point, mom gets 1, I [my sis] get 2, but the hubby gets the veto power.”

So OVERSIZED it is…let’s hope I get better at this and that hubby doesn’t let this veto-power-thing go to his head!

Love this watch!

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one here!

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Aaaand it’s happened…

So let’s talk babies for a second…now I’ve been married for close to two years, and while I do see babies in the future, it’s not been something I’ve necessarily daydreamed about all the time. Well O.K, I admit the occasional “Oh my god, aren’t those the cutest teeny tiny toes?!” and the “Ahhhh I just want to pinch those cheeks, look how chubby!” But more often than not, the thought of babies was usually followed by the fears of “Will I be a good mother?”, and “Should I be able to cook an edible meal before bringing a child into the picture” and “What if I can’t get a baby to stop crying”, etc,. I will be the first to tell you that between my husband and I, he’s the one that gets teased for being broody – seriously, you should see how good he is with little kids (one of the many reasons I married him!) and how he actually has timelines already set out (we have 3 years apparently :P)

Normally I could avoid the typical post-marriage question of “So…when can we expect the little pitter patter of tiny feet?” by either 1) pointing out the pitter patter of our puppies tiny feet or 2) justifying any delay with the fact that my husband is in Dubai…I mean, come on, forget cooking skills, I think having my husband in the same time zone should be first priority! πŸ™‚

But suddenly this past weekend, it happened. While holding a friend’s baby and rocking her to sleep, someone called me a natural. Me? Natural? Hmm…Not sure why, but that sure did it for me. I’m sure it may have been building under the surface for sometime, but this was the moment. Suddenly I couldn’t wait. Looking down on her sweet face while she half-winked-half-smiled-half-slept, I thought about a flurry of things:

I wonder she’ll have my eyes?

Oh, I hope she gets my hubby’s smile.

Hah! She’ll definitely get my chin, because if there’s one certainty at all, it’s that my husband’s chin stands no chance against mine (it has been going strong for generations πŸ˜€ )

And so it has begun…dreaming, hoping, and a tinge of excitement for the coming years πŸ˜€

…but my hubby still needs to be in the same time zone first! πŸ™‚

Soon after my "moment" with my lil inspiration :)
Soon after my “moment” with my lil inspiration πŸ™‚

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Touring NYC – food & drinks edition

It all started as a girl’s day outΒ  to go through and check-off our list of must see things in the city. What it turned into was us jumping from one eating place to another, and just seeing whatever we saw along the way…but focusing mainly on the next meal πŸ™‚


First stop for brunch was Buvette in the West Village, and it was AMAZING! The place is so cute and cozy on a quiet street, and the food was filling but not over-the-top.



We made a quick stop at Whynot Coffee & Wine for some morning Riesling, and then headed out because it was cupcake time! But then again, when is it not cupcake time, amiright? πŸ™‚

I lied, we didn’t quite plan for cupcakes, but fate had other plans for us. In our defense, we actually stumbled upon Molly’s Cupcakes while attempting to go a good 20 minutes without stopping at a food place. And then there she was, bright yellow and everything! To say that they cupcakes were good would be an understatement…I actually went back twice over a span of 2 days, so yeah…it was really, really good! I ordered the chocolate decadence, and the peanut butter nutella (both hit the spot and were rich beyond belief!). I also got a chance to steal a bite of the creme brulee, the birthday cake, and a vanilla with burnt butter frosting.



Also, it doesn’t hurt that you’ve got Ryan Gosling telling you to eat more cupcake. Ryan Gosling really gets me πŸ™‚


We finished the evening with some pre-dinner mojitos at Cuba Restaurant, also in the West Village. Hands down, the tastiest mojitos I’ve had in a long time. Between us, we tried the passion fruit mojito, coconut mojito, and frozen mojito. Passion fruit is one of my favorites, so that I loved even before I tried it. I wasn’t so sure about the coconut mojito, but the bartender said it was his favorite, so I gave it a go and it was unexpectedly good!

We finished off the night with a light dinner at Aria Wine bar. Great tapas (especially the burrata, and eggplant), and great ambiance with dim lighting. It does get really crowded, so getting there early definitely helped us get a seat without too much of a wait.

Obviously our day around the city stayed focused in the West Village, but I still feel like there was SO much I missed! Until next time NY πŸ™‚

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ode to technology & bridging the distance

My husband and I have been together for more than 4 years now, and married for 1.5 years. Together, we have celebrated countless birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, successful semesters, job offers, weddings, engagements, etc. We have also been each others source of comfort through equally difficult times. Through financial struggles, death, and fears of inadequacy (mainly the result of painful law finals).Β  My biggest accomplishment in our marriage, however, is knowing that we have grown more and more in love each day, even without the opportunity to live together in the same continent for more than a few days at a time.

That’s right.

We have a relationship that spans 6000 miles, 8 hours, and many countries. While we physically see each other only 4 times a year on average, we never use that as an excuse feel unconnected.

It was only after a fight (and make up) session on Skype the other day that I realized how vital this technology is to our relationship. How it brought a sense of normalcy to our otherwise-abnormal setup.Β  How it allowed us to go through the motions like any other normal couple.Β  When we first started talking in 2006 (pre-video chats), our relationship never seemed to go beyond a superficial “so what’s-your-favorite-movie” level. When we reconnected in 2010, all it took was a few video chats to really understand who he was; what made him happy, what made him sad, how he threw his head back when he laughed, the distinct look in his eyes when he talked about his dreams and aspirations. I knew within the first few months that this would be someone special in my life, and without all these new technological advances, it may have taken years to figure out the same thing.

As family members settle farther and farther away, these advances in technology have kept us all together. My husband and I have discovered new cities together in real-time through because of smartphones.Β  My sister in the Midwest and my husband in Dubai have simultaneously participated in every single one of my birthday celebrations in New Jersey. And most importantly, it’s a platform through which I can make my husband wear a monocle and he can’t say no (just like he can give me one heck of a beard).

Google Fun

That is a beautiful thing.

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Maybe once I get the courage…

Balance, balance…hold your breath…step on…smile and strike a pose?! Take photos in these two spots, and you DEFINITELY have conversations starters for the rest of your life!

Eek...don't look down! A Brave soul on the Kjeragbolten, Norway
Devil's Pool, Zimbabwe- My heart is in my throat Just seeing this!

Well…if they can do it, I sure can! Right? Maybe?

Ehh…I think for now I’ll stick to using weather as my go-to conversation starter πŸ˜€ Works like a charm!

(pics from Wikipedia and Huffington Post)