Indecisions and the veto power

You would think being in law school would teach you to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. While that may be true, it doesn’t quite translate into making shopping decisions.

Case in point, my recent shopping adventure to buy a watch, a.k.a “Indecision 2014.”

It didn’t matter that I had spent months narrowing and selecting the exact watch I wanted…all it took was one comment from the shopkeeper and my dad saying that the MK oversized runway looked better. As someone who wasn’t 100% sure she could carry off a larger boyfriend-style watch to begin with, that comment brought out my inner crazy. I’m talking about spending-every-free-minute-comparing and looking-at-photos-from-every-angle kind of crazy.  I even woke up two nights in a row worrying about making the wrong choice.  I had lost my mind over a watch. In my defense though, $250 wasn’t something to take lightly.

I decided to make one trip, armed with my panel of experts (my sis and hubby on speed dial) and decided that whatever the majority knows best. Unfortunately there’s never a majority when the style preferences seemed to follow the gender!

Regular Watch
MK Runway


MK Oversized Runway

Then my sister said:

“Dad’s opinion gets .5 point, mom gets 1, I [my sis] get 2, but the hubby gets the veto power.”

So OVERSIZED it is…let’s hope I get better at this and that hubby doesn’t let this veto-power-thing go to his head!

Love this watch!

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one here!

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