Aaaand it’s happened…

So let’s talk babies for a second…now I’ve been married for close to two years, and while I do see babies in the future, it’s not been something I’ve necessarily daydreamed about all the time. Well O.K, I admit the occasional “Oh my god, aren’t those the cutest teeny tiny toes?!” and the “Ahhhh I just want to pinch those cheeks, look how chubby!” But more often than not, the thought of babies was usually followed by the fears of “Will I be a good mother?”, and “Should I be able to cook an edible meal before bringing a child into the picture” and “What if I can’t get a baby to stop crying”, etc,. I will be the first to tell you that between my husband and I, he’s the one that gets teased for being broody – seriously, you should see how good he is with little kids (one of the many reasons I married him!) and how he actually has timelines already set out (we have 3 years apparently :P)

Normally I could avoid the typical post-marriage question of “So…when can we expect the little pitter patter of tiny feet?” by either 1) pointing out the pitter patter of our puppies tiny feet or 2) justifying any delay with the fact that my husband is in Dubai…I mean, come on, forget cooking skills, I think having my husband in the same time zone should be first priority! πŸ™‚

But suddenly this past weekend, it happened. While holding a friend’s baby and rocking her to sleep, someone called me a natural. Me? Natural? Hmm…Not sure why, but that sure did it for me. I’m sure it may have been building under the surface for sometime, but this was the moment. Suddenly I couldn’t wait. Looking down on her sweet face while she half-winked-half-smiled-half-slept, I thought about a flurry of things:

I wonder she’ll have my eyes?

Oh, I hope she gets my hubby’s smile.

Hah! She’ll definitely get my chin, because if there’s one certainty at all, it’s that my husband’s chin stands no chance against mine (it has been going strong for generations πŸ˜€ )

And so it has begun…dreaming, hoping, and a tinge of excitement for the coming years πŸ˜€

…but my hubby still needs to be in the same time zone first! πŸ™‚

Soon after my "moment" with my lil inspiration :)
Soon after my “moment” with my lil inspiration πŸ™‚

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