Homeland Travels….and Updates!

Traveling is such a powerful thing… No matter where you go, no one has the exact same experience.  Everything you see, everything you feel, everything that you encounter is so strongly altered by your own upbringing, and your own life experiences.  For those of you who bared with me and read my painfully long “About me” post, you’ll understand how this works into my ideas for this blogsite.

Typical Indian Street scene; India Ink sketch by Arundhati Mohankumar
Typical Indian Street scene; India Ink sketch by Arundhati Mohankumar

My travels to India have always been a weird experience for me. As a person who has spent most of her life in America, each time I visit, I see many sites as a tourist.  Before understanding a monument, I need someone to tell me the history…which to most Indians would probably be general knowledge. At the same time, I have a connection to India that’s not there for a person who is there purely as a tourist. My childhood (many of the memories more clear to me than what I had for lunch yesterday!), many of my friends, nearly my entire extended family, and also the sensation of standing on a street corner, and finally blending in.  Those are connections that I will always have in India, and will always keep me from seeing things just as a tourist. I will never go visit the Taj Mahal, or see the intricate carvings of the temples and think “wow, these people are talented”, rather I would think “yes we surely are, thank you” :D.

Most sites that I have seen with a feature on India are either from a very tourist outlook or sites organized by the Indian government or by people who have grown up and are established there. My experiences in life have allowed me to bridge the two, and hopefully I can put up a travel blog of India where I can share these trips. Do bare with me!! :

Also, all the ink drawings in this section are drawn by me. They are all a part of a book I’m working on titled “India: Beauty amongst the Chaos”, so please do not use the images unless you ask me.  Thanks!!



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