Knock knock…is this thing on?

Hello to all who have stumbled upon what will one day be a thriving blog site, complete with all ever-so-wise travel advice and ideas, interspersed with amazing photography as I slowly check each destination off my ever-growing list.Β  Hopefully the first tidbit that has been revealed about me, well aside from my obvious inability to keep any sentence short and my love for rambling (that you’ll have to see it to believe it :D) is that I’m a dreamer!

I could sit for hours and plan a trip to an exotic country, with such eager concentration that people would think I was going there tomorrow, when in actuality I probably won’t go there anytime soon (certainly not until I hit the lottery, which I’m banking on happening any day now!)

I do it for the “just-in-case” scenario…You know that one…I keep full itineraries stored in the back of my head for that chance conversation where someone says the words “vacation”, “trip”, “destination” or any synonym with my name somewhere in the mix…I usually don’t catch the whole sentence since I’m generally a good 10 minutes into my retrieving mode and my body is in the packing mode πŸ˜€

That brings me to this Blog…until now, my insane planning of future trips, or what I will refer to from now on as my Travel Bucket List, was just a crazy quirk of mine. When friends would take trips, I would research it more than they would, and report back with my findings! So I figure a blog would be a wonderful way to share these ideas…who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new place through this blog or if there’s a place you’ve visited and think I should add to my list, please let me know!

My other love, of course, is Art. I love making art, looking at art, and sharing art (or something like that :P) and love learning all the new techniques that I don’t know already! So I hope to create art lovers out of all of you…eventually!!

PS-If it isn’t obvious, I LOVE to travel πŸ™‚


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